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Welcome to RSM-MetroWest!

Math Class RSM-MetroWest, formerly known as MetroWest School of Mathematics (MWSM), is an after-school pre-K through 12 program located in the Historic District of Framingham MA. Our program is based on the RSM curriculum, and covers all the key topics required by the traditional schools (although not necessarily in the same order), and in many goes far beyond the regular program. Our main purpose is to help parents develop their child's critical thinking abilities as early as possible, and help each of our students succeed in math thought the school and beyond. We offer a wide range of opportunities for preparation for and participation in Math Competitions for children of all ages, ranging from national competitions to our own Puzzle Contests.

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>> RSM Voted Best of The Best by Boston Parents!

>> RSM-MetroWest voted Best of Framingham once again

Massachusetts House of Representatives Recognizes RSM-MebtroWest on its 10th Anniversary

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About Our Program

Elementary School

Our elementary school program is designed to expose kids to concepts they rarely see in their regular programs, introducing algebra as early as in kindergarten and first grade! Early exposure to algebra and logic problems is proven to accelerate cognitive development. As we help our students build critical thinking skills and approach problem solving with confidence, they learn to love math rather than fear it.


Middle School

The road to college starts in middle school. This is the time to lay a solid foundation in algebra and geometry, from which students can build the higher-level math skills sought by the best colleges. Children who start our program earliest get furthest ahead.




High School

High school is the time to keep working towards college admissions. It is never too late to join, and improved GPA, SAT and AP scores will speak volumes about your child at college admissions time. The strong math and thinking skills gained at RSM-MetroWest will benefit your student though the college years.

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Now Interviewing Math Teaches for the 2015-16 Academic Year. More detail>>

Spring & Summer Chess Sessions

Our Spring 15-class Chess Session is still accepting new students. Enrollment for summer chess is also now open. Please check out our Chess Page for more details.



Well done to all participants in the Competition held on Feb. 20. We applaud your efforts and enthusiasm! Scores will be emailed to parents of competitors in a few weeks.

Summer School 2015

Registration for Summer School 2015 is now open. Chekc out our math classes and other enrichment offerings!

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