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About Our Chess Program

Our chess program is run by experienced Chess Masters Lou Mercuri and Vadim Martirosov. We offer Fall and Spring sessions (15-weeks each) during the school year, as well as a 6-week Summer Session. We offer Chess I for beginners and Chess II for intermediate / advanced instruction and competition preparation.

Eligibility and Levels

We accept children of all ages and abilities, with the minimum requirement that the child needs to know the basic chess moves. As a rule of thumb, If your child is a novice in chess,  Chess I would likely be the best fit.  If your child has previously attended our Chess I class for one or two semesters, or has participated in a beginner chess program elsewhere,  he or she would be eligible for Chess II.

Approval of one of our Chess Masters is required for admission to Chess II.

Our Chess Masters at Mathapalooza! 2014

Lou Mercuri


LouMr. Lou Mercuri is actively teaching chess in the Boston area and in MetroWest. His students continue to improve and play at the highest levels for their age groups. Currently six of his students are rated in the top 100 for their age group in the US and compete in National Scholastic Championships. As a player, he is a US Life Master and his rating has peaked at 2404 (Senior Master). He was awarded the International Title of FIDE Trainer at the Turin, Italy Olympiad in May 2006. This selective title is awarded to experienced chess coaches and trainers at the 2350 rating level. He is among the first chess trainers in the United States to be awarded this title by FIDE, the International Chess Organization.

  • Lou's students have won Massachusetts State Scholastic Championship and one National Elementary Championship
  • Six students have exceeded a 2000 rating—starting out at less than 1400
  • Lou defeated World Champion Karpov in exhibition play in 1990
  • He is a writer and publisher of theoretical opening articles
  • He maintains an unsurpassed chess library (700+ books)
  • Lou uses his own proven interactive techniques
  • He has served as a consultant for various computer programs, books, learning methods, and tournaments

Vadim Martirosov

Vadim is a highly experienced Chess Master (Highest Fide rating: 2345; Current: 2250). He studied chess in the USSR  under the supervision of Oleg Privorotsky (G. Kasparov’s first coach).  Vadim has been teaching chess full time here for almost 20 years in the US. He has taught hundreds of students from all age groups in elementary, middle and high schools, and has mentored many of them from beginners up to master level. Many of his students have won various tournaments throughout New England and United States.



See photos of our Kings, Queens and Pawns Chess Event

Summer Chess I and II Now Enrolling

Summer Chess Flyer >>

Summer Chess I and II classes meet twice a week Mondays and Wednesdays for 4 weeks starting July 9 and ending August 1.

Instructor: Vadim Martirosov


Chess I 4:30 - 6 PM

Chess II 6:15 - 7:45 PM

Fee: $360 for 8 1.5 hr sessions

TO REGISTER follow the ENROLL button above, fill out Summer 2018 application, and indicate Chess I or II as the requested class.


This is a 15-class session, meeting on the following Wednesdays:

January 24, 31

February 7, 14, 28

March 7, 14, 21, 28

April 4, 11, 25

May 2, 9, 16



Chess I 6:15 - 7:45 PM

Chess II 6:10 - 7:40 PM


FEES: $645 for 15 classes.


$100 registration fee is required for new chess-only students. (Students who paid the registration fee for the Fall session do not need to pay the registration fee again.)


TO REGISTER follow the ENROLL button above, fill out Fall 2017 application, and indicate Chess I or II in the Notes field of the application.

Chess FAQ

Q: How old are the children in the class?

A: We accept children of all ages

Q: What are the minimal skill requirements to enter the Chess I classes?

A: For the beginner class the only requirement is that the child knows the names of the pieces and the basic moves.

Children will progress as the class goes on.

Q: My child has been playing chess for a while. How do I know which class to sign up my child for?

A:. If your child has previously attended our Chess I class for one or two semesters, or has participated in a beginner chess program elsewhere,  he or she would likely be eligible for Chess II. The final determination of the class appropriate for your child will be done by the Chess Masters.   

Q: How can children of different ages and skills learn in the same classroom?

A: In chess, younger interested kids easily bridge the age gap. Even in competitive scholastic tournaments, most formats allow kids to play each other with up to a 4 year difference in ages. Within the class, children are grouped by age, and individual, skill-appropriate attention is given to each child.





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