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2016-17 Math Competitions Dashboard

The competition season of 2016-17 has started.

Registration information for upcoming competitions is posted on individual competition pages as it becomes available and is also summarized on this page.

Eligibility Summary is at the bottom of this page.

Math Competition Preparation selection round is not completed. Students selected for the MCP classes have been notified. MCP classes start October 1.

Check out our ongoing Puzzle Contests.


2017 MCP Class Schedule Quick Reference Table>> (see make-up classes notice!)

2017 Competitions Schedule Quick Reference Table>>

The 2015-16 Competition Season Summary

The 2015-16 competition season is now over. It was another amazing year for our students. Our summary of results, below makes up proud. In is with great pleasure and join that we recognize the outstanding success of our students, and comment hard work and dedication. A very special thank you must be extended to Alex Sukher and Shanhong Ji who coach our Math Competition teams as well as to all the RSM teachers who inspire their students week after week. Appreciation should also be given to Mrs. Oxana Longinova, who coordinated the competition program this year for the hundreds of students who participated.


Math Olympiad (MOEMS) E

Math Olympiad (MOEMS) M


Purple Comet

11 Gold Medal Winners
Sneha Jaiswal
 Rutvik Parikh
 Sameen Shaik
 Krishna Purimetla
 Elena Liu
 Sanjana Singh
 Vihaan Agarwal
 Aditya Weling
 Romack Bhagia
 Akhilsai Damera
 Madeline Jiang

 Arya Manda
& 15 Silver Medalists 

9 Gold Medal Winners
Skyler Cheung
 Bharath Heggadahalli
 Rachel Hu
 Advait Nene
 Brinda Purimetla
 Varun Jayanti
 Rohit Josyula
 Richa Pillai
 Arvind Sridhar

& 13 Silver Medalists 

Award of Distinction
Rohit Josyula
Honor Roll
Bharath Heggadahalli
Arjun Hegde
Ayush Karthick
Akul Kesarwani
Thrusha Puttaraju
Anthony Wilkinson
Caroline Laird
Advait Nene
Richa Pillai
Ananthan Sadagopan
Shoyaib Shaik
Daniel Zhang 

Team Blue received

National & International

Honorable Mention

Bharath Heggadahalli

Varun Jayanti
 Rohit Josyula
Brinda Purimetla
Shoyaib Shaik
Arvind Sridhar

41% of 63 students participating earned medals

39% of 69 students participating earned medals

13 students earned a place on the Honor or Achievement Roll.

Team Blue &  Team Green won 1st and 2nd place in Massachusetts

Overall 80% scored in top half of students nationwide.

86% of the 42 students participating scored in the top half nationwide, and 29% scored in the top 5% nationwide.

Our High School Team came in 2nd in Massachusetts

Continental Math League Math and
Computer Science

Math Kangaroo

RSM International Competition

In 3rd grade math

Nirmit Brahma
earned a perfect, cumulative score of 18

Krishna Purimetla
was a regional leader in the 5th grade computer science division

21% of the 250 students participating were named National winners
David Bronshvayg and Peter Liang were 1st place winners


Gold medal winners:
Justin Tzuriel Yu
Akhilsai Damera
Evan Ning
Ryan Pat
Teddie Wu

Our school was a Regional 1st Place Winner for computer science in the 4th & 5th grade levels.

Eight students were named prestigious State Winners
David Bronshvayg
Peter Liang
Ryone Mukherjee
Ayush Kumar
Sumanth Sura
Bharath Heggadahalli
Michael Liu
Rishi Advani

11% of our students invited to the second round of the RSM IMC  earned medals


Follow the links below to see detailed results by competition.

MOEMS Winners >>

Math Kangaroo Winners >>

AMC-8/10 Winners >>

Purple Comet Winners >>

RSM Olympiad Winners >>

JHU CTY Scholars >>

Puzzle Contest Winners >>

2015-16 Awards Ceremony


Below is a table of eligibility for all grade levels. These eligibility requirements are mandated by the testing organization, and not our school. The grade levels refer to the student's grade in their primary school, not the math level they are studying a RSM-MetroWest.



Attendance Policy

Math Competition Prep classes (MCP) are very popular, and we have many more students who would like to attend. Therefore we must be very strict in our attendance policy.

While the classes are a free benefit to our students, we do request a level of commitment.

All students signed up for our Math Competition Training Teams must commit to attendance in their assigned class.

Therefore, to be as fair as possible, any student who misses two consecutive training classes (without prior approval) or a total of three classes per semester will have to be removed from the class and the seat given to another student on the waiting list.


These classes are also available only to students whose account is paid-to-date. Failure to pay SmartTuiiton invoices in a timely manner will result in withdrawal from the MCP class.


Thank you for your understanding.

MCP make-up classes for MCP A and MCP D will be held on Friday, April 28th make up for MCP B will be held on Saturday, April 29th.

Math Competitions at RSM-Metrowest

Our students have successfully participated in many national competitions, among them

American Math Competitions (AMC)

Math Olympiads (MOEMS)

Math Kangaroo

Purple Comet

RSM International Contest (formerly RSM Olympiad)

Continental Math League Mathematics for Grades 2&3

Continental Math League Computer Science for Gradeds 3, 4, & 5


See this 2015 New York Times article on The Importance of Recreational Mathematics!


We strongly believe in the positive charge which children receive while participating in any kind of competition, and even more so, winning in it. Be it a Puzzle of the month, or a state-wide, or even International competition, just taking part in any math competition promotes healthy self esteem, "excitement, enthusiasm and positive attitudes towards mathematics and stimulates interest in continuing the study of mathematics beyond the minimum required for high school graduation..." (a quote from AMC8 web site).

The purpose of competitions and the training that goes into preparing for them is manifold:

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
  • To introduce important Mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem solving
  • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solvinsg problems
  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition
  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

( from the MOEMS web site)


Our Very Own Puzzle Contests

For several years now we have been running monthly our own Puzzle Contests for students of Metrowest School of Mathematics. Puzzles help train out-of-the-box thinking, and keep up interest in math. They frequently tie together many unrelated things children learn in the regular program, and most certainly they train logic.

Of course the real reason we offer them is that we just love them a lot ourselves!

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Puzzles and Games at 2015-16 Awards Ceremony