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2016-17 Purple Comet Season

With great pleasure and pride we would like to announce this year's results. Team White was awarded an International Honorable Mention for outstanding performance.  Team White also was awarded a United States Honorable Mention, and they were the 1st Place team in Massachusetts.
It is important to note that only 1st place and Honorable Mentions were awarded for the international competition, and only 1st and 2nd place and Honorable Mention were awarded in the national competition.

A very special thank you must be extended to all these students' teachers, to Dr. Shanhong Ji, who also coaches Math Competition prep classes, and to Alex Sukher, our beloved Sasha, who coaches the Purple Comet teams to do their best each year, and enjoys every minute of it.



RSM-Metrowest Team White
Massachusetts 1nd place
Akul Kesarwani
Cynthia Zhang
Rutvik Parikh
Daniel Zhang
Anish Guggilam
Brian Yin


About Purple Comet

Purple Comet is a relatively new, but rapidly expanding, competition.  It was founded by Dr. Jonathan Kane, of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Since its inception in 2003 Purple Comet has become an internationally recognized competition.  In 2012, 2700 teams from 43 different countries participated.
Purple Comet is unlike our other competitions in that it is team-based. Students must know a lot of math, but also be capable of collaborating and achieving consensus before submitting their team’s answers.  These are useful, life-long skills! 

Teams are comprised of up to six students.  High school team students must attend 9th through 12th grade in regular school. Middle school team students must be in grades 6 through 8.

The test is an online exam. Students receive a question from their instructor, discuss the problem and its solution, and submit the team’s final answer online.  The test is limited to 60 minutes at the Middle School level and 90 minutes at the High School level.  It is always held in mid-April.


Math ClassPurple Comet is an international, on-line, team-based examination. Students must know a lot of math, but also be capable of collaborating and achieving consensus before submitting their team’s answers.  RSM-MetroWest teams compete in the "mixed school division". This year, in the mixed middle school division, 126 teams from the United States participated, along with many more from countries all over the world.  More details on this competition can be found here:


2016-17 Purple Comet Winners

Team White

Math Class





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