World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love! 


World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love!

Enrollment Process Overview for NEW Students

Children come to us from different towns and different schools. Therefore, the first step of the enrollment process is to schedule a free evaluation. During the evaluation process, we administer a placement test and based on its results, we discuss with you available scheduling options. That is also an excellent time to ask any questions you might have about our program.

After the placement test, the next step is to fill out the Enrollment Application. Please indicate your class choice in the Comments field of the application.

Our program is designed for the full academic year. However, we continue enrolling our students in classes throughout the year, based on the results of the placement test. Necessary, catch-up tutoring may be recommended. Placement during the year is also subject to seat availability.

While your children are taking the placement test during the evaluation, you will have an opportunity to meet with our staff, and ask any questions you may have about our program.

After the test, we will recommend appropriate classes for your child(ren), and our staff will guide you through the rest of the application process.

Note that your registration is complete only when the application and the registration fee (or summer tuition if the application is for the Summer School) are received by the office. Your child’s seat is not guaranteed until the registration is complete. Note that by signing the RSM- MetroWest application, you agree with all of our Policies and Procedures.

 Re-Enrollment Process for Continuing Students

1.  Recommended Classes

All current students have been placed in an appropriate class for the 2018-19 school year based on their academic performance and teacher recommendations.    All families will have received an email with their child(ren)’s recommended class(es) for the 2018-19 academic year by March 18.

2.  Open Re-enrollment Period

The re-enrollment period opens on March 18 and closes April 2.  During that time you will be able to reserve the seat(s) for your child(ren) in their recommended classes.

The assigned seat will be held for you until the end of the Open Re-enrollment Period on April 2.  If the registration is not completed by the April 2 deadline, the seat will be released, and your child will be put on the waitlist.

Please consult Parent Re-Enrollment FAQ document for more detail regarding the re-enrollment process.

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"They have not only challenged our kids but also taught them to love math and most importantly taught them not to be afraid of math. We find they do a good job with fundamentals and then build on it to teach them problem-solving skills. We give RSM 5 stars!!!”

- Sheela Krishnamony

"All three of my boys have studied at the Russian School of Math and it has helped them to understand advanced concepts as well as prepare for taking both standardized tests as well as general school testing. It requires a high level of dedication from the child and parents, but it is worth it."

– Laura Beusch

"At first, I did not realize the huge benefit that I was receiving to my math education and would complain about homework, class, etc. Now, I see how Russian Math has helped me succeed with math in and out of school."

Arina Khotimsky  (former student,  MIT freshman 2019)

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