World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love! 


World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love!

Math Olympiad for Elementary & Middle School Students (MOEMS)

The goals of Math Olympiad are:

  • To stimulate enthusiasm and a love for Mathematics
  • To introduce important Mathematical concepts
  • To teach major strategies for problem solving
  • To develop Mathematical flexibility in solving problems
  • To strengthen Mathematical intuition
  • To foster Mathematical creativity and ingenuity
  • To provide for the satisfaction, joy, and thrill of meeting challenges

Our MOEMS 2019 Winners!

Our results on the Math Olympiad (MOEMS) were quite impressive:

  • of the 45 MOEMS E participants, 40 won one of the first 3 places (88%), of which 10 won Gold and 12 Silver.
  • of the 58 MOEMS M participants, 48 won one of the top three awards (82%), of which 6 won Gold and 18 won Silver.
  • Sumanth Sura received a Lenchner award for the perfect score in MOEMS M.

See Our Full List of Winners and their Accreditations here.

MOEMS E 2018-19 Winners

see MOEMS M winners below

Jason Cheng   25 Lenchner Award, Gold Pin
Alyssa Ao 6 24 Gold Pin
Siming Chen 5 24 Gold Pin
Nikhil Sankaran 6 23 Gold Pin
Aishwaryalakshmi  Saravanan 6 23 Gold Pin
Tzuriel Justin Yu 6 23 Gold Pin
Sophie He 5 23 Gold Pin
Grace Qiu 5 23 Gold Pin
Brandon Li 5 22 Gold Pin
Olivia Antenucci 6 22 Gold Pin
Gerald Qiu 5 22 Gold Pin
Rhea Anand 4 21 Silver Pin
Celine Cheung 6 21 Silver Pin
Benjamin Sawatdiphong 4 21 Silver Pin
Tiara Ramesh 5 20 Silver Pin
Nicholas Wang 6 20 Silver Pin
Tahmin Uddin 4 20 Silver Pin
Anagha Kulkarni 6 20 Silver Pin
Agastya Sondhi 4 19 Silver Pin
Sasha Nandyala 6 19 Silver Pin
Samantha  Wang 6 19 Silver Pin
Aman Kumar 5 19 Silver Pin
Shruthika Senthikumar 5 18 Silver Pin

MOEMS M 2018-19winners!

Sumanth Sura 7 25 Lenchner Award, Gold Pin
Alyssa Ao 6 24 Gold Pin
Tarun Iyer 8 24 Gold Pin
Shivnath Shankar 8 24 Gold Pin
Shrish Senthikumar 8 24 Gold Pin
Om Paithankar 8 23 Gold Pin
Augustus Rollin 6 23 Gold Pin
  Sophia Hou 7 23 Gold Pin
Madeline Jiang 8 22 Silver
Tzuriel Justin Yu 6 22 Silver
Arya Manda 8 22 Silver
Nikhil Bezawada 7 22 Silver
Sanketh Udupa 8 22 Silver
Srilakshmi Venkatesan 7 22 Silver
Jessica Li 7 21 Silver
Angela Feng 7 21 Silver
Anish Chhabra 7 20 Silver
Karn Chutinan 6 20 Silver
Nikhil Sankaran 6 19 Silver
Ragav Iyer 6 19 Silver
Olivia Antenucci 6 19 Silver
Arush Sharma 7 19 Silver
Sreeja Bolla 8 19 Silver
David Bronshvayg 7 18 Silver
Tanush  Garg 7 18 Silver
Ayush Kumar 7 18 Silver

Important Notes

Since RSM-MetroWest is an after school academy, we are bound by specific rules regarding MOEMS. Please note these requirements of the host organization:

1.  If a student’s school participates in the Math Olympiads, the student may not be a member of the Institute team, whether or not the student is on the school team.
2.  All students must take the contest using paper and pencil at the same time and at the same location.

"They have not only challenged our kids but also taught them to love math and most importantly taught them not to be afraid of math. We find they do a good job with fundamentals and then build on it to teach them problem-solving skills. We give RSM 5 stars!!!”

- Sheela Krishnamony

"All three of my boys have studied at the Russian School of Math and it has helped them to understand advanced concepts as well as prepare for taking both standardized tests as well as general school testing. It requires a high level of dedication from the child and parents, but it is worth it."

– Laura Beusch

"At first, I did not realize the huge benefit that I was receiving to my math education and would complain about homework, class, etc. Now, I see how Russian Math has helped me succeed with math in and out of school."

Arina Khotimsky  (former student,  MIT freshman 2019)

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