World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love! 


World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love!

High School is the time to keep working towards college admissions. It is never too late to join, and improved GPA, SAT and AP scores will speak volumes about your child at college admissions time. The strong math and thinking skills gained at RSM-MetroWest will benefit your student though the college years.

Mathematics for Grades K through 12

We accept children of all levels. We arrange classes by level, according to the placement tests initially, and subsequently based on the results of our regular assessments. We help those who struggle with math feel more confident in their abilities and more comfortable in their regular school. Those who were “OK” in math but considered it rather dull. We hope you will find out that math is exciting and beautiful. We will give them a chance to excel, try a taste of logic puzzles, math competitions and in general intellectual fun. Those who are doing well in math class and believe that they do not need additional training will be challenged to their capacity and will get a chance to shine in national competitions.

01:53 07 Sep 18
My son love to go to the class learn and play , and he is confident in his math abilities.
Jingsong Wang
17:54 03 Sep 18
I sent my son to RMS framingham 6 years ago. He learnt a lot. Great teachers and teaching materials! Very well organization! He moved from regular class to advanced years ago and last year he was moved to honors class. Usually, he struggled a little bit at the beginning, but he adjusted and fit in to the class quite well later. The on-line homework is the high-light. The questions are well chosen and help students to get the concepts smoothly. It is luck to have a RMS nearby if you want to have your kids to be good on math but your school could not provide more
Vishruta Parikh
15:56 26 Aug 18
My son had a wonderful experience at RSM, Framingham, his mathskills improved considerably and was challenged enough to participate in competitions!! Needless to say his school math became very easy for more
Radhika Kalidindi
03:47 27 Aug 18
My twin boys have been attending RSM MetroWest center, Framingham for the past 5yrs and I can attest that it has really helped them to get a solid foundation in advanced Math concepts. The curriculum is challenging and well advanced than what they do in public schools. Luckily we had very good teachers at RSM all these years who were able to motivate kids to do their best at Math.Study material and home work assignments are a big plus. If you diligently do the RSM assignments you can easily ace the school work. You will definitely reap benefits if you are a dedicated RSM student and do all your more
Christo Angelov
17:36 13 Jun 19
My two kids have been doing great for three years now. They understand, they do their homework with minimum help--just an occasional question--and they are ahead of their classmates at school (except those who also attend RSM or other math programs). The material is not easy and is way ahead of the level at school. So, contrary to some of the general statements in some of the reviews here, they must be teaching them something more
Mingle Li
22:40 27 Oct 19
RSM has 100% boosted my mathematics skills and benefited me greatly over the 5 years that I've went. It is indeed expensive, but incredibly worth it. The teachers, however, are diverse in their methods, and sometimes, they don't teach effectively, giving the impression that RSM is simply out for the money. But if you land on a good teacher, the experience is a fun and extremely beneficial ride for more
Victoria Cheung
02:48 03 Nov 16
The school has a very rigorous curriculum to develop strong mathematical skills for the kids. I highly recommend the school to anyone who wants to improve his/her analytical skills. There are many opportunities for math competitions at various levels. The curriculum has prepared my sons very well in these competitions. I would give it a five stars more
Sophia Banar
02:00 13 Feb 20
My son has been attending RSM Metrowest for 7 years and it has been an amazing experience. The head of school, Dr. Anna Charny, is a passionate and talented educator, and every teacher we have had over the years has shown genuine concern for the development of math skills in my child. The program combines structured class learning with a substantial amount of homework (paper and online), and thus, advances math skills and develops a strong work ethic from a young age. In addition, the school offers extensive resources to support children in and out of the classroom. The effectiveness of the program is evident in test and competition results. My child attained the highest score in the US in his IGCSE math examination, having taken it a year early, and the credit goes entirely to Dr. Charny and the RSM Metrowest outstanding more
Jessica Mooraj
10:11 01 May 17
Our daughter is currently in her sixth year at RSM in Framingham. She has had extremely caring teachers and has been appropriately challenged each year. Strongly more
Aarav Seth
18:30 29 Jan 22
RSM is a helpful environment that has given me confidence in my math abilities and helped me gain admission in some great schools. Most reviews are 5 stars and the ones that aren't are normally kids who have just heard about RSM but never actually been there(one gives a 1 star review and then proceeds to say, "I have never been here").Overall, this school helped me greatly and I strongly recommend it!read more
May Youssef
10:40 05 Sep 17
My kids attended RSM for the past 4 years. They found it to be extremely helpful in advancing their math skills and making them, not only well prepared, but also more confident and advanced in their middle and high school math.They do give homeworks that kids needs to work on at home. However, I found this to be beneficial as extra practice did help my kids to become faster and more used to tackling various forms of math more
Mukherjee Family
16:07 22 Oct 16
Both our kids have been going to Russian School of Math in Framingham, MA for several years. One needed extra boost for math for her school, whereas our second one loves math and goes to RSM for a more challenging math environment than what his school offers.The RSM curriculum is excellent and advanced. It helps prepare the kids ahead of time for their school work. RSM also prepares kids for competitive exams, which one of our kids have participated and excelled in.The teachers in RSM can, however, be a mixed bunch. From what I hear from our kids, they have had both great teachers and not-so-good teachers. However, our primary interest in following the curriculum and we helped them with their home work and preparing for the test. For this reason, we would recommend kids to more
John Wu
15:53 23 Oct 16
Every parent hopes there is a magic "booster" to his/her child so the child can be more advanced in a particular area of interests. Example of this "booster" could be a very strong sports club, a wonderful music teacher, etc. In terms of maths learning, my wife and I found the magic "booster" at the RSM. My daughter started RSM in her 5th grade and my son started RSM in his 1st grade. Since then, we have been blessed with the assurance that we should not be worrying about math for our children any more. They have both won awards in math competitions at the local and national levels and math at their regular schools has just been "too easy".What initially drove us to the RSM was its reputation. After 5 years in the RSM family, we can attest that reputation is real. Before our kids went to the RSM, my wife and I often struggled to find the proper math materials to let them work on during extracurricular time. We also tried learning centers such as Kumon. But the results were disappointing. After they got into the RSM, our children liked the materials offered at RSM, challenging and stimulating. The teachers were knowledgeable and eager to answer all the questions they had. The learning environment is also a plus. They are sitting in a classroom filled with other eager and motivating students. It is difficult to NOT pay attention to the learning and NOT put their best effort. My daughter graduated from the RSM one year ago and is now a student at a competitive prep school. She has mentioned to us that the RSM has allowed her to build a solid foundation and interest in Math and continue to excel in a very competitive environment.If you have the desire to put your kids in the best Math program available and have the peace of mind that you don’t need to worry about their math any more, the RSM should be on the top of your more
David Wages
16:04 20 Aug 17
I strongly recommend RSM Framingham. My daughter attended 6 years of RSM classes and took 2 Summer classes as well. She is now preparing to go to a rigorous high school and she placed into the highest level for her grade and she is not a math kid. Thus RSM gets objective results.But that was not our purpose for sending her to RSM and RSM is not about getting slight advantages in taking exams.The mission of RSM is that the staff recognize that leanint mathematics and its concepts well requires extra time that is often not given in standard schools. Poor math preparation often leads to math phobia in later education that can severely curtail opportunities—not just which college your kid goes to but their entire career. RSM can prevent this problem.Our daughter started in 2nd grade which was key to her success. She liked her teachers and found the classes engaging as there is a lot of classroom interaction. I am not going to lie and say she always wanted to go or liked doing her homework—no normal kid would. But as time went by, she acknowledged that it helped her in regular school. After a few years at RSM she would report she already understood a “new” topic being taught at her public school. I don’t think she’ll ever think she cannot do math—she knows it requires work—but it can be done.RSM offers training for math contests if you are interested. We did not pursue that training and its distinctly separate from the standard classes which are the main focus of RSM. We found the staff to be enthusiastic, helpful and professional.In looking at some of the other reviews, I’m compelled to re-emphasize several points. First, it IS a school—your kid will need to put in the (necessary) time to learn. You get out what you put in. Second, it helps to be involved as a parent and decide what’s realistic for your child. The staff at RSM are practical, they know children have other stuff to do but they don’t lower their standards. There’s probably at least 1-2 hours of homework per week + the actual class time. My suggestion is don’t over schedule your kid or use RSM as an after-hours childcare center. My daughter was willing to get the extra education, but she was not interested in taking multiple classes and that’s probably a good idea for many, if not all children.In summary, I think RSM offers a very valuable experience for kids that will pay off for the rest of their more
Dipti Sharma
02:45 26 Mar 23
I am very happy with RSM's instructions. My son has been going there for 9 years since 3rd grade and has learned a lot in Math. My son won several Math Contests and got a perfect score in Math on many tests and contests. He is always ahead in his school in Math. Thanks to RSM Metrowest school and its more
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“I have been going to RSM-MetroWest in Framingham for eight years now, and I have loved every year of it. Going to RSM has helped me excel in school, and develop my love for mathematics. The classes not only support the school curriculum but also go beyond it by challenging students with more advanced problems. I love the challenge, and I believe it has only made my interest in mathematics grow stronger. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and skills that it has given me, and I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for RSM-MetroWest.”

– Prakalya Chandrasekar, 10th grader at the Advanced Math & Science Academy

I enjoy advanced math because I am learning about new methods. One of my favorites is the mushroom. With that, you can find the LCM. I like my teacher, Mrs. Alla Farizon. She is very nice and she makes sure you understand the topic. I also like friends in the class. They are fun to play with at break. At my regular school, in my math class, there are a lot of kids who complain about math. But here no one complains about it, so it is much nicer. Every student is excited to learn and the best part is….. it’s math!

– Student, level 5

My son had a wonderful experience at RSM, Framingham, his mathskills improved considerably and was challenged enough to participate in competitions!! Needless to say his school math became very easy for him.

- Vishruta Parikh, August 2018

My favorite thing about advanced math is learning new things. I get new problems to solve. My teacher, Mr. Gene (Sigalovsky) is fun. He explains how to do a method to solve the problem. My teacher is very nice and he is also very fun

- Student, level 3.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you Anna, and the School of Mathematics, for broadening our son's field of vision on mathematics. He has seen many topics and ways to approach them that he would not have had access to otherwise.

- Dar and Einat Efroni, parents of a high school student, 2015

Our son has been with RSM-MetroWest for several years. At the end of the 7th grade he took the Math SAT and earned a perfect score of 800. We just wanted to thank Russian Math for preparing him so well.

- Mr and Mrs. Sridhar, Summer 2015

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