World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love! 


World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love!

Private Tutoring

RSM-MetroWest provides limited one-on-one or semi-private tutoring services.

Tutoring Fees:  Private classes with an RSM-MetroWest teacher are $75/hour. Semi-private classes with a teacher (2-4 students) are $45/hour per student. Private classes with a student teacher are $35/hour. Semi-private classes with a student teacher are $20/hour.

Note: $100 Registration Fee is required for tutoring-only students. For students already enrolled in the regular program, no additional registration fee is required.

Our tutoring policies are in the RSM-MetroWest Parent Handbook, available at our Policies Page. Students requesting private or semi-private tutoring must sign a Tutoring Agreement Form, which is also available at the Policies Page.

01:53 07 Sep 18
My son love to go to the class learn and play , and he is confident in his math abilities.
Jingsong Wang
17:54 03 Sep 18
I sent my son to RMS framingham 6 years ago. He learnt a lot. Great teachers and teaching materials! Very well organization! He moved from regular class to advanced years ago and last year he was moved to honors class. Usually, he struggled a little bit at the beginning, but he adjusted and fit in to the class quite well later. The on-line homework is the high-light. The questions are well chosen and help students to get the concepts smoothly. It is luck to have a RMS nearby if you want to have your kids to be good on math but your school could not provide enough.read more
Vishruta Parikh
15:56 26 Aug 18
My son had a wonderful experience at RSM, Framingham, his mathskills improved considerably and was challenged enough to participate in competitions!! Needless to say his school math became very easy for him.read more
Radhika Kalidindi
03:47 27 Aug 18
My twin boys have been attending RSM MetroWest center, Framingham for the past 5yrs and I can attest that it has really helped them to get a solid foundation in advanced Math concepts. The curriculum is challenging and well advanced than what they do in public schools. Luckily we had very good teachers at RSM all these years who were able to motivate kids to do their best at Math.Study material and home work assignments are a big plus. If you diligently do the RSM assignments you can easily ace the school work. You will definitely reap benefits if you are a dedicated RSM student and do all your assignments.read more
Christo Angelov
17:36 13 Jun 19
My two kids have been doing great for three years now. They understand, they do their homework with minimum help--just an occasional question--and they are ahead of their classmates at school (except those who also attend RSM or other math programs). The material is not easy and is way ahead of the level at school. So, contrary to some of the general statements in some of the reviews here, they must be teaching them something there.read more
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"They have not only challenged our kids but also taught them to love math and most importantly taught them not to be afraid of math. We find they do a good job with fundamentals and then build on it to teach them problem-solving skills. We give RSM 5 stars!!!”

- Sheela Krishnamony

"All three of my boys have studied at the Russian School of Math and it has helped them to understand advanced concepts as well as prepare for taking both standardized tests as well as general school testing. It requires a high level of dedication from the child and parents, but it is worth it."

– Laura Beusch

"At first, I did not realize the huge benefit that I was receiving to my math education and would complain about homework, class, etc. Now, I see how Russian Math has helped me succeed with math in and out of school."

Arina Khotimsky  (former student,  MIT freshman 2019)

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