World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love! 


World Class Math Instruction Your Children Will Love!

About Purple Comet

Purple Comet is a relatively new, but rapidly expanding competition.  It was founded by Dr. Jonathan Kane, of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  Since its inception in 2003, Purple Comet has become an internationally recognized competition.  

Purple Comet is unlike our other competitions in that it is team-based. Students must know a lot of math, but also be capable of collaborating and achieving consensus before submitting their team’s answers.  These are useful, life-long skills!

Teams are comprised of up to six students.  High school team students must attend 9th through 12th grade in regular school. Middle school team students must be in grades 6 through 8.

The test is an online exam. Students receive a question from their instructor, discuss the problem and its solution, and submit the team’s final answer online.  The test is limited to 60 minutes at the Middle School level and 90 minutes at the High School level.  It is always held in mid-April.

Purple Comet 2024 Season

With great pleasure and pride, we would like to announce this year’s results. Congratulations to Team White for taking 1st place among Middle School Teams and Team Blue for taking 2nd place among High School Teams in the 2024 year Purple Comet Competition.

A very special thank you must be extended to Alex Sukher who coaches the Purple Comet teams to do their best each year, and enjoys every minute of it.

Purple Comet 2024 Winners

RSM-MetroWest Team White

Massachusets 1st Place

Student Grade Award
Mia Zhao  8 1st Place in MA MS Mixed Teams
Sean Gao 7 1st Place in MA MS Mixed Teams
Ritvik Ghosh 7 1st Place in MA MS Mixed Teams
Aanya Mittal 8 1st Place in MA MS Mixed Teams
Atticus Rando 7 1st Place in MA MS Mixed Teams

RSM-MetroWest Team Blue

Massachusetts 2nd place

Student Grade Award
Ragav Iyer  11 2nd Place in MA HS Mixed Teams
Sriaditya Vaddadi 10 2nd Place in MA HS Mixed Teams
Jianing (Jenny) Huang 10 2nd Place in MA HS Mixed Teams
Soham Patil 10 2nd Place in MA HS Mixed Teams
Chris Xu 9 2nd Place in MA HS Mixed Teams

Our Purple Comet Season 2024 Winners!

See Our Full List of Winners and their Accreditations here.


“I have been going to RSM-MetroWest in Framingham for eight years now, and I have loved every year of it. Going to RSM has helped me excel in school, and develop my love for mathematics. The classes not only support the school curriculum but also go beyond it by challenging students with more advanced problems. I love the challenge, and I believe it has only made my interest in mathematics grow stronger. I am truly grateful for the knowledge and skills that it has given me, and I would not be where I am now if it weren’t for RSM-MetroWest.”

– Prakalya Chandrasekar, 10th grader at the Advanced Math & Science Academy

I enjoy advanced math because I am learning about new methods. One of my favorites is the mushroom. With that, you can find the LCM. I like my teacher, Mrs. Alla Farizon. She is very nice and she makes sure you understand the topic. I also like friends in the class. They are fun to play with at break. At my regular school, in my math class, there are a lot of kids who complain about math. But here no one complains about it, so it is much nicer. Every student is excited to learn and the best part is….. it’s math!

– Student, level 5

My son had a wonderful experience at RSM, Framingham, his mathskills improved considerably and was challenged enough to participate in competitions!! Needless to say his school math became very easy for him.

- Vishruta Parikh, August 2018

My favorite thing about advanced math is learning new things. I get new problems to solve. My teacher, Mr. Gene (Sigalovsky) is fun. He explains how to do a method to solve the problem. My teacher is very nice and he is also very fun

- Student, level 3.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you Anna, and the School of Mathematics, for broadening our son's field of vision on mathematics. He has seen many topics and ways to approach them that he would not have had access to otherwise.

- Dar and Einat Efroni, parents of a high school student, 2015

Our son has been with RSM-MetroWest for several years. At the end of the 7th grade he took the Math SAT and earned a perfect score of 800. We just wanted to thank Russian Math for preparing him so well.

- Mr and Mrs. Sridhar, Summer 2015

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